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Green coffee trading
Our Activity & philosophy

briz coffee buys green coffee from cooperatives and exporters in producing countries and sells it worldwide to the medium and big industry per minimum quantity of 20,000 kg. briz coffee offers the complete service of an import/export company such as logistics, quality control, price fixation, custom clearance, blending, door-to-door deliveries, … with a full dedication to coffee.

Coffee is the world’s second most important export product for the developing countries after crude oil and the world’s most widely traded agricultural commodity. Its importance cannot be denied. Coffee is produced in 70 countries around the equator, which are often heavily dependent on coffee for their export earnings. Coffee production, trading, transportation… generates revenues for hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Green coffee is produced in many qualities, each with its own characteristics. Production is spread between individual farmers cultivating just a few coffee trees to large and technologically advanced plantations.

Such a beautiful and complex product can only be treated with respect, passion and full commitment.

These three aspects are the backbone of briz coffee which, as a young, dynamic and professional company, is totally committed to coffee.

We are firmly convinced that there is enough room for everyone in this business especially if added value is brought to the whole chain. We also believe that every market situation, besides its challenges, has its opportunities and paths to success.

At the same time, we consider sustainability as a priority and a strong financial structure as a must. Therefore, briz coffee is enough capitalized to guarantee a financially sound partner.

We have also dedicated a lot of time, energy and means in our relationship with bankers, suppliers and customers to guarantee the highest level of service.

The same applies to our team which is educated and trained in-house in order to understand and answer to the best of each specific requirements of all our partners.

Business partners with the same long-term vision and sustainable philosophy are always welcome to contact us.

Our mission
Achieving your challenges
As a young and independent trading company we strive to provide added value to the whole coffee industry thanks to tailor-made services where the performance is based on fast pro-activity, flexibility and accuracy including a general focus on quality.

Our values

briz coffee
Considering everyone as a customer gives all the meaning and power to the concept "customer-oriented" . Therefore, being supportive and serving others is of high importance.
briz coffee
The numerous singularities of the coffee business require a long apprenticeship, investment and trust. Only a long-term perspective is the path to success.
briz coffee
Respecting nature, people, values, laws and principles, is the cornerstone of any modern business organization.
briz coffee
Efficiency achieved by responsible, competent and pro-active people with the appropriate know-how and skills.
briz coffee
Passion makes you perform better.
briz coffee
Strongly adhering to values inevitably implies a high dedication and involvement.
Our history

briz coffee has been established on the 15th of June 2012 by Olivier Mordang as Managing Director and the Group Vanden Avenne (, which is a strong family owned company trading in grains, as foremen of the Board of Directors.

On the 3rd of August 2012, Pia De Baets has joined the company as Managing Director and shareholder. Pia has started her coffee career in 1996 and Olivier in 1998. Both Managing Directors have so built a broad experience in the coffee business, trading, hedging and management.

This triple shareholding structure guarantees the long-term commitment as well as a stable financial structure.

Over the last years, briz coffee has been growing on many aspects:

• Its professional team has increased from 10 to 12 persons
• Trading volumes have risen gradualy and are nowadays stable
• Profit has been reinjected in the company every year
• Credit lines have doubled
• Offer of coffee qualities has largely broadened
• Stocks are available in many EU ports as well as Mombasa and Dar-es-Salaam

Enriched by its experience, professional team, growth and reinvestment, briz coffee has laid a solid foundation for the second phase of its development.